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What is Dianetics?

What if you could truly find out what is holding you back in life and overcome it permanently?
Now you can.

The goal of Dianetics is to bring you to a new state of being, a level of ability, happiness and confidence that you never thought possible. Only Dianetics permanently eliminates the mental blocks and barriers that have been holding you back.

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What’s Controlling Your Decisions?

As covered in the video above, after having gotten sick from eating tainted food, your reactive mind can make you re-experience the same perceptions at a later date in a crude attempt to protect you from what it believes is a dangerous situation.

But what if the reactive mind is dictating actions far more important than what you're going to eat? What if it's dictating who you should have a relationship with? Or how you should treat your children? Or whether or not you can succeed at your personal goals in life?

Throughout your life the reactive mind's wild errors and irrational computations have been suppressing your efforts to survive—and only Dianetics has the solution.

Important questions covered in Dianetics:
Analytical Mind and Reactive Mind
  • damaged road

    Have You Missed Out on Opportunities in Life Due to Lack of Confidence?

    Page 261

  • broken heart

    Have You Ever Been Attracted to the Wrong Person? Why?

    Page 361

  • statistic going up

    How Can You Increase Your Potential for Success?

    Page 13

  • stressed guy

    Have You Felt Stressed Out One Day when the Day Before You Felt Fine?

    Page 90

  • alcoholic drinks

    Do You Do Things That Are Destructive to Your Relationships or Health?

    Page 129

  • dead-plant

    Have You Had Panic Attacks or Periods of Anxiety or Depression?

    Page 95

  • crazy

    What is the single source of your irrational thoughts and fears?

    Page 63

  • health

    How does your mental state affect your physical well being?

    Page 111

  • signpost

    What is the one word that describes what all life is striving to achieve?

    Page 49


Ready for an Extraordinary Life? You’re Ready for Dianetics

Most people go through life hindered by anxieties, worries, self-doubts and unwanted habits—characteristics we've come to accept as “normal.” But what if none of these things are actually a part of us? What if these harmful thoughts and behaviors are caused by a hidden part of the mind, one which causes us to think and act irrationally?

That is the breakthrough of Dianetics. Through decades of exacting scientific research, L. Ron Hubbard unlocked the mechanics of the mind and discovered the reactive mind—the hidden force that holds you back with doubts, illness and painful emotions.

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health describes in full detail the only technique that exists to locate the hidden traps set by the reacive mind and do away with the pent-up pain and stress that hinders present-time happiness.

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Will S.
Los Angeles

Dianetics gave me a total understanding of how and why the mind works the way it does and why people behave in the ways that they do. That knowledge and sense of certainty has made me much more confident and better able to handle myself and other people and create the outcomes I intend to in situations in life.

Will S.
Los Angeles, CA
Crystal H.

I had always been pretty confident in myself but after Dianetics I found myself not worrying anymore about how others viewed me or what they thought of me. I found that this made me way more friendly and outgoing and I have so many friends now.

Crystal H.
Toronto, Canada
Brian D.
East Grinstead

Before Dianetics, I was a ‘thinker’—I would sit and ruminate on a loss, one that went round and round in my mind, unresolved... I was a bit of a hopeless case; sad and introverted, compared to my usual energetic self. After Dianetics, I regained that energy level, I found the smile again, and I found that I could look at other areas of my life with renewed hope that it didn't have to be that way, that it could change.

Brian D.
East Grinstead, UK
Jessica P.
Glendale, CA

I went through a pretty terrible breakup a few years ago that left me devastated. The loss that I had experienced from that break up had literally been consuming my life, and that Dianetics session gave me my life back.

Jessica P.
Glendale, California
Pat S.
Plano, TX

Every day at work was a struggle to overcome my lack of confidence. I worked in a business world, and I was always trying to get by without being discovered. Dianetics removed so much negativity that my confidence rose to the point where I was able to handle my environment much better.

Pat S.
Plano, Texas
Latisha B.

Has Dianetics increased my happiness? Absolutely!!! Within the first two months of my experiences with Dianetics I found I have internal happiness that I never knew existed. It introduced me to who I was, wanted to be and desire to be in the future.

Latisha B.
Chico, California

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